Space X Launch Aborted

Since the retirement of the Shuttle Program last year, America has no means of launching astronauts into space.  In addition to hitching lifts on Russian rockets, they’ve been looking to the private sector to resupply the International Space Station (ISS).  There are two contracted firms in the running: Space X and Orbital Sciences Corp – both have been given NASA-size contracts to help with keep the ISS stocked.

Virgin Media web filter…and how to bypass it

The high court ruling forcing ISPs to block The Pirate Bay finally affected me today.  Although not a regular to the site myself, since I heard my Internet usage would be effectively censored I’ve started taking an interest in whether I can get there or not…As of today – I can’t…well not directly anyway…

Riverside Penthouse in Bideford for the Bank Holiday

Normally a group of us head off down to Devon for the Bank Holiday to do some camping next to the beach in the sun…but this year, there was only 6 of us and the weather was looking pretty miserable so we decided to pimp it up a bit and rent a cottage by the coast.  We’d left it quite late and were struggling with finding a decent one that was available, but then we fortunately stumbled upon the Riverside Penthouse in Bideford.

Website Search – Features explained

Integrating a search engine into a website can be as easy as a single click (E.g. using a search plugin for a WordPress blog)  or so complicated it requires months of development effort (E.g. for customising an existing search engine for your own needs).  The various options available can also vary vastly in price.  The terms used however, are similar regardless of the solution.