Virgin Media web filter…and how to bypass it

The high court ruling forcing ISPs to block The Pirate Bay finally affected me today.  Although not a regular to the site myself, since I heard my Internet usage would be effectively censored I’ve started taking an interest in whether I can get there or not…As of today – I can’t…well not directly anyway…

Website Search – Features explained

Integrating a search engine into a website can be as easy as a single click (E.g. using a search plugin for a WordPress blog)  or so complicated it requires months of development effort (E.g. for customising an existing search engine for your own needs).  The various options available can also vary vastly in price.  The terms used however, are similar regardless of the solution.

SEO Checklist


A quick SEO checklist for reference…

The SEO of a  website is 60% off-site stuff and 40% on-site stuff.

Off site is basically links to your site from other websites.
On-site is how your website is structured, what words it has on it and how they are presented.