Gold Fever – A New Card Game is Born

Really enjoyed watching the “Gold Rush” series so thought I’d make a game of it…

After watching the hit Discovery Channel show “Gold Rush” , I developed a strange kind of Gold Fever myself.  The urge to sell all my possessions, grow a beard, and head up to the frozen wastes hadn’t taken hold – but the desire to model the escapades in the form of a game, had.

SEO Checklist


A quick SEO checklist for reference…

The SEO of a  website is 60% off-site stuff and 40% on-site stuff.

Off site is basically links to your site from other websites.
On-site is how your website is structured, what words it has on it and how they are presented.

Using Sketch Up to Design the Back Garden

I’ve never used Sketch Up before – but thought I’d give it a go to redesign the back garden…

I’ve got to say, after doing a couple of the tutorials, it’s quite easy to use and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to mock up a project before they start work.  If nothing else, it delays the inevitable time when you have to start the project.  It also helps convey your ideas to the workman when you realise there’s no chance of you doing it yourself.