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The Adventure – A short Story By A Nine Year Old Boy

The Adventure - A short Story by Paul Kerrison (Aged 9)

I recently uncovered an exercise book from when I was nine. It contained a “novel” I started writing, but unfortunately …

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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) – Overview

How to migrate to a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

There’s a lot to be said for moving to a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), but what is it, how do …

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Should You Buy A Jumparoo

Milo and the Jumperoo

Getting the lad started early with his raving…

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New Human Alert


Introducing Milo Raymond Kerrison (the 1st)Born at 7.31 on Bank Holiday Monday the 21st April via the normal mechanisms. Weighing …

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Play The Best Online Shithead Game

play the best online shithead card game

Shithead…the game of champions…loved by people all over the World…but where can you play the best online shithead game?

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Whim Driven Development (WDD)

06 Red Green Refactor

The ultimately agile, agile methodology… software development based on my whims and musings…

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Paul Plays Nice – A Grooveshark Playlist with Barbecue Beats


Some great Summer tunes to listen to while the barbie gets hot

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Cameron and Perry Hatch a Crackpot Scheme to Censor The Web with Internet Filters by 2014


Think you’re an adult who should be able to make your own decisions?  Think Net Neutrality is the devil?  Think …

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